Zoning defines the use of parcels of land by assigning them a classification or district. The standards adopted for each district specify the:

  • Type of building that can be constructed or improvements made
  • Distance it must be located from the property lines
  • Height of the building
  • Minimum square footage of a building
  • Other requirements

To view the Village’s Zoning Map, go the Racine County Zoning Maps page. Locate the Village of Wind Point under the top-right tab. Note that you will need to check the box agreeing to terms and conditions and click the OK box. For information on Village ordinances pertaining to the zoning districts, view the Zoning Code chapter of the Village Code.

A proposed project or use on your property may require a zoning permit, conditional use permit, re-zoning or variance. Contact Zoning Administrator Jeffrey Sanders, Community Planning & Consulting LLC at 920.309.0721 or via email before planning your project.