The Village of Wind Point 2021 budget is the result of a three-month process that involved several public meetings with the Village Board and standing committees. The resulting budget reflects the Village’s ongoing mission to provide high-quality municipal services in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Compared to 2020 the 2021 budget shows an overall expenditure decrease of 25.8%.  This is primarily due less expensive capital projects in 2021.

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Below are the highlights of the 2021 Village Budget:

General Fund
  • $1,671, a 0.15% increase, to the Village portion of the property tax levy, which is the allowable amount under state law based on net new construction in the Village in 2019.
  • $4,977, a 13% increase in General Transportation Aid from the State.
  • 0% change to State Shared Revenue and State Recycling Grants.
  • $3,236, a 142% increase in Cable Franchise Aid from the State.
  • A 9.9% decrease to Fines and Forfeitures due to less than anticipated ticket revenue due to the COVID pandemic.
  • $20,030, a new recycling service fee. Each residential property in the Village will be charged this fee.
  • 37% decrease to Wind Point Lighthouse revenues due to decreased scheduled tours and rentals due to the pandemic.
  • 0% change to fees for contracted fire/EMS, assessments, household hazardous waste collection and public health.
  • $7,113, a 21.6% increase, to Johns Disposal for recycling collection services.
  • $17,129 for bi-weekly Village-wide yard waste pick up.
  • $1,280 decrease for contracted animal control service fees with the Wisconsin Humane Society-Racine Campus.
  • 0% base increase budgeted for staff wages; actual individual wage rates to be set by resolution of the Village Board.
  • 7% increase, to health insurance for fulltime Village employees
  • 0% increase, to the Village’s contribution to the Wisconsin Retirement System.
  • $3,085 for a new driver speed feedback sign.
Capital Improvement Plan
  • $132,000 in capital improvements at the Wind Point Lighthouse, including a new walking pathway, new entrance signage, new landscaping and new benches and tables. The project was originally budgeted in 2019 and 2020.
  • $3,113 for a new flag pole at Village Green.
  • $14,859 for a new office copier, and new attachments for the skid steer loader and tractor

Proprietary Fund (Water & Stormwater)

  • 10% increase to water consumption rates due to an anticipated water rate increase from the Caledonia Utility District.
  • $5,000 for the final phase of a water utility dead-end valve replacement program.
  • $10,000 for consultant services to assist with a water rate case application to the Public Service Commission.
  • $5,000 for new meters.
  • $8,000 for a drainage cross culvert on Pinewood Court.

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