2024 Village of Wind Point Budget

What follows is the adopted 2024 Budget for the Village of Wind Point.

Differences from the posted budget and the adopted budget are below:


  • $24,000 is removed from the Local Road Improvement Program – budget item 43532.


  • Village Board wages are going up by $1,200 per year for the three trustees elected in April 2024. A corresponding increase will follow for the remaining trustees and President in April 2025. The split is due to elected officials not being allowed to raise their pay while currently in office, the raises will become effective after an election when trustees are elected/re-elected. Affects budget line items 51100 and 51410 in General Government.


  • $40,000 is removed from the facilities budget for replacing the roofs on the Public Works building and Village Office building. The expenses are being reallocated to 2025. Affects budget line items 51641 and 51642 in General Government.


  • In line item 52115 under Public Safety the Village is allocating $1,000 for Fraternal Order of Police insurance. The PFIC will develop a policy on this matter at later date.


  • Given the potential for more zoning work in 2024 zoning is increased from $5,000 to $10,000. This is line item 56410 under Conservation, Development & CIP.


  • The Village also increased General Engineering Services – 53202 under Public Works – from $7,000 to $12,000.


The PFIC recommended that the budget and levy be adopted with the changes listed above at its Nov. 10 meeting.  The 2024 Village of Wind Point Budget can be found here.


Please contact the Village Hall Administrative Building @ 262-639-3524 if you have any questions.