Proposed 2023 Village of Wind Point Budget

The 2023 Village Budget will be considered for adoption at the Village Board meeting on November 10 at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Lighthouse and virtually via Zoom. A public hearing will be held at the meeting to hear resident comments on the proposed budget.


The 2023 budget for the Village of Wind Point demonstrates the Village’s fiscal responsibility and its goal for improved services. Our tax levy, like many other communities, has challenges due to State law that allows us to raise a tax levy based on net new construction. The Village of Wind Point has an allowable increase of .22%. This amounts to a total $2,436 that the Village can add to its tax levy. This is a Village-wide total. This ranks the second lowest out of all municipalities in Racine County. This is quite the challenge with the rising cost of inflation and the Village’s goals to provide the best public services possible.

The 2023 Village of Wind Point Budget can be found here.


Please contact the Village Hall Administrative Building @ 262-639-3524 if you have any questions.