2020 Property Assessments, Open Book and Board of Review

 The Village’s contracted assessor, Associated Appraisal will be mailing notices of reassessment to property owner’s whose properties have seen a change in their assessment.  Examples of properties that the assessor reviews include any ones with new construction or remodeling. You will receive a notice only if you property’s valuation has changed.  Notices will be mailed out to property owners around April 23.

If you have questions regarding your valuation, please contact the assessor at 920-749-1995, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can speak to the assessor over the phone, or you can schedule an appointment to meet with them during Open Book.  Open Book will be held on Thursday, June 18th at the Village Office, 215 E. Four Mile Road.  You do not need to have received an revaluation notice in order to speak to the assessor about your property’s valuation.

If after Open Book, you wish to contest your assessed value, please contact Clerk Casey Griffiths, at 262-639-3524 or c.griffiths@windpoint.org to obtain an Objection Form and make an appointment for Board of Review. You must contact the clerk least 48 hours prior to Board of Review.  Board of Review is scheduled to be held on Thursday, July 16, 2020 beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Village Hall, 4725 Lighthouse Drive.

What is an assessment and what is its purpose?
An assessment is the value placed upon your property by the Village Assessor. This value determines what portion of the local property tax levy will be borne by your property.

Who is the Village Assessor and how do I contact him/her?
The Village contracts with Associated Appraisal for municipal assessment services. Contact Associated Appraisal at 920-749-1995 or by email at contact@apraz.com

How do I obtain assessment information for a property in Wind Point?
Property assessment information is available online from the Village assessor’s website. 

Will I be notified if there is a change in my assessment?
Whenever the assessor changes the total assessment of any real property or any improvements taxed as personal property by any amount, the owner must be notified in writing and mailed at least 15 days prior to the Board of Review meeting (and at least 30 days in a revaluation year).

What is a “revaluation” and when does it take place?
A revaluation is done by the assessor when the property records are outdated or inaccurate, assessment uniformity is poor, a full revaluation hasn’t been done for 10 years, or reassessment is required under state law. A full revaluation includes on-site inspections (interior and exterior), measuring and listing all buildings, taking photos, and sketching buildings. The last full revaluation in Wind Point was completed in 2016.

If I disagree with the assessment or classification of my property, what can I do about it?
If possible, you should first arrange to meet with the Village Assessor to examine your assessment records. When you meet with your assessor, review the records for your property and discuss how your assessment was made. If you are unable to meet privately with your assessor, you should attend the “open book.” “Open book” refers to a period of time before Board of Review when the completed assessment roll is open for examination.

If you have discussed the matter with your assessor, and you are still not satisfied, make arrangements with the Village to appear before the Board of Review. To assure a hearing, you must provide a written or oral notice of your intent to file an objection to the Village Clerk at least 48 hours before the first scheduled meeting of the Board of Review. In addition, a written and signed form of objection to property assessment must be filled out and filed with the Village Clerk within the first 2 hours of the Board of Review’s first scheduled meeting. An objection form can be downloaded from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

For more information on assessment procedures in the State of Wisconsin, view the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s Guide for Property Owners or contact us.