Wind Point Public Works collects branches from residents for disposal on the second Tuesday of each month, from April to November.  Brach pick up does not include leaves, weeds, and other yard waste. For information about yard waste collection please click here. 

In order to provide this service efficiently, the following rules apply:

  1. Branch collection is for tree maintenance (trimming branches) NOT tree removal. Property owners who have landscapers or other individuals cut down trees on their property are responsible for branch disposal.
  2. Branches should not exceed 4 inches in diameter. Branches should be kept at their original length and not cut into smaller pieces.
  3. Branches should be placed by the road in small, reasonably uniform piles. Piles should not exceed 4 feet in height and 4 feet in width. Pile branches with the cut end toward the road, all in the same direction.
  4. Branch piles should be set out near the edge of the road away from mailboxes or other obstructions. Piles should be set out no earlier than the Saturday before collection day (72 hours). Piles set out too early or late can be tagged with a notice indicating the resident has 48 hours to remove the items. Tags will be noted with the date and time that they were placed. If branches are not removed within 48 hours as stated on the tag, a special collection will be arranged with Johns Disposal and the resident will be charged.
  5. Stumps, vines, root balls, roots, rocks, brush, rubbish, construction material or metal will not be collected.
  6. If collection cannot be completed on a given day, the remainder of the route will be completed the next work day(s). To maintain scheduled operations, we cannot “backtrack” to collect branches set out late.
  7. Up to 15 minutes will be spent per property on collecting and chipping.
    Any piles that exceed this time will be tagged and the owner will have the option to remove the piles or have them collected for a fee.

Storm-related Branch Collections
In the event of significant, widespread storm damage in the Village, the Village President or Village Administrator may declare an emergency storm-related branch collection. An announcement of a storm-related branch collection would be made on the Village website and in a special e-mail alert to individuals who are signed up to receive E-News.

Wood Chip Requests

Residents can request excess wood chips from branch collection to use for landscaping. Requests must now be submitted using the online form or by completing the form at the Village Office. Chips will be delivered after collection in the order they were requested (based on availability). Chips cannot be picked up from the public works yard.