The Village conducts maintenance of publicly-owned trees within the Village limits.  This includes tree pruning and removal of trees when necessary. The Village currently cares for approximately 3,500 trees in its right-of-ways and parks.  The Village Public Works Crew are responsible for:

  • Tree pruning, planting, and removal
  • Stump removal
  • Landscaping
  • Tree Inventory

Emerald Ash Borer
The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive wood boring beetle that feeds exclusively on the tissue under the bark of ash trees. Untreated, EAB is 100% fatal to native ash trees of any variety, size, age or condition. For more information on the emerald ash borer (EAB), please visit Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCAP) Emerald Ash Borer Information Source website at

Don’t Prune Your Oak Trees!
People who value their oak trees should not prune them from April through July according to the latest recommendations from the Wisconsin forestry officials. The reason? Spring and early-summer pruning make oak trees vulnerable to oak wilt, a serious and almost always-fatal fungal disease of oaks.

Wisconsin Urban Forestry
Want to learn more about Wisconsin Urban Forestry?  Click here for a link to the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Insider, a publication of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.