Property tax bills were mailed out to Wind Point property owners on November 23, 2016. Through January 31, you may make a full payment or a partial payment of the total tax due by mail or in person at the Village Office or Johnson Bank (4001 N. Main St.) during regular business hours.  After January 31, tax payments must go to the Racine County Treasurer’s Office. 

Please include the tax bill stub with your payment. The stubs are located at the bottom of the tax bill.

Payment Options Prior to January 31:

  • Option 1: Pay by mail to Wind Point Treasurer, 215 E. Four Mile Rd., Racine, WI 53402.
  • Option 2: Use the silver Village drop box at 215 E. Four Mile Road through January 31 at 4 p.m. Put your bill  stub and payment check in an envelope before dropping it in. We will send you a receipt if you include a self-addressed and stamped envelope.  We do not recommend putting cash in the drop box.
  • Option 3: Pay in person at Johnson Bank, 4001 N. Main Street through January 31. Give a teller your coupon and a check payable to “Wind Point Treasurer.“  Only exact coupon amounts for the full tax payment or for the first installment will be accepted by Johnson Bank in the lobby or in the drive-through lanes.
  • Option 4: Pay in person at the Village Office, 215 E. Four Mile Road. Regular office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If your escrow amount is greater than the full tax payment, the Village will issue you a refund check in approximately 15 business days.

Tax Bill Lookup
Tax bill information for the past several years is available online from the Racine County Tax Inquiry page, located at

Have any other questions?
Call the Village Office 262-639-3524 or e-mail [email protected].