Updated, September 3, 2021

On Thursday, September 2, the Wind Point Police Department hosted a follow up community public safety meeting.   The Police Chief and Village Administrator provided updates on public safety related issues including incidents that occurred since the April meeting and new concerns about violence and crime near Wind Point.  Staff also reviewed various safety improvements that may be considered as part of the 2022 budget and are directly related to concerns that were brought up at the previous community safety meeting. The improvements discussed include:

  • Expansion of a School Speed Safety Zone around Prairie School to add Lighthouse Drive, Three Mile Road and Campus Drive to the current speed safety zone along Lake Meadow Drive.
  • Speed Radar Feedback Signs
  • Flexible Delineators for the Four Mile Road Bike Lane
  • Fixed Surveillance Cameras at Entry Points to the Village
  • New equipment for the police department including patrol rifle, new squad car and extra body camera
  • Additional Hours for Police Department office patrols.  Information on cost estimates for additional patrol hours can be found by clicking here. 

During the discussion period of the meeting, residents provided the following suggestions to examine as ways to improve safety and to help with the costs associated with safety related items:

  • Consider a camera doorbell installation program.  The program would not cover the cost of the purchase of these doorbells but would help residents with their installation.
  • Examine having the Prairie School assist with the funding of traffic and public safety related matters for the school to help off set the costs of additional traffic patrols.

You can view the meeting’s presentation slides by clicking here. 

A recording of the meeting is also available by clicking here. 

Staff is now working on the 2022 budget for Village Board committee review and consideration.  The Public Safety Committee will be meeting in the middle of September to review the Village’s Public Safety budget and consider some to the projects presented above for inclusion in the Village Budget.  Agenda for committee and Village Board meetings are posted on the Village website, Facebook page and Twitter.


The Wind Point Police Department hosted a community safety meeting on Monday, April 26.  Over 70 residents attended the meeting.  The Village Administrator and Police Chief presented background information on the Wind Point Police Department, historic crime trends in Wind Point, and provided suggestions and recommendations on what residents can do to improve safety at their homes and in their neighborhoods.

The slides from the presentation can be viewed here.

A recording of the meeting can be viewed here. 

At the meeting, members of the community helped the police department identify safety concern which included:

  • Vehicles speeding on Lake Meadow Drive, specifically vehicles going to and from the Prairie School.
  • Pedestrian safety along Four Mile Road including concerns about drivers passing in the bike and pedestrian lane.
  • The creation of a neighborhood watch program
  • The possible addition of more hours to the police department for more patrol activities.
  • The possible moving the police department to a full time department.  The estimated costs and tax implications for property owners including costs for additional hours and fulltime department costs, can be viewed here.  

The Village Board and Staff will be discussing the outcomes in the meeting and will be coming up with an action plan to address the concerns raised at the meeting and the best way to move forward on these concerns.

Another community meeting will likely be held in the next few months.  The plan for this meeting will be to discuss progress from concerns raised at the April meeting, to hear from residents on how they are feeling since the last community meeting, and to continue a discussion on addressing public safety issues.

If you have any questions or concerns and were unable to attend last night’s meeting please contact Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer Casey Griffiths at c.griffiths@windpoint.org or 262-639-3524, or Police Chief Rick Von Drasek at police@windpoint.org or 262-639-3022.