Update 6/8/21 

The project contractor, Workman Enterprises began excavating the new pathway today.  The excavation should take about three days total.  The contractor schedule for the project is below (weather pending).  All work is scheduled to be completed by the end of June.

Project Schedule

  • June 8-10 Path Excavation
  • June 11- Prep for Concrete Installation
  • June 14- Concrete Installed
  • June 11-15- Stone placed for asphalt
  • June 17-18- Asphalt Pavement installation
  • June 21-25- Restoration and Fence Repair
  • June 28- Final inspection.

Phase 1 of the Lighthouse Grounds Beautification Project will begin this year. The grounds project has been a multi-year planning effort that will enhance the beauty of the grounds, while making it more functional for residents, visitors and events. The plan includes the following improvements:

  • Paved pathway (separate from the driveway and parking area) to provide safer access for pedestrians and bicyclists. The pathway will provide direct connections to the south lawn, lakefront and existing walkways.
  • New historical and entrance signage
  • Memorial brick garden expansion area.
  • Landscaping and amenity improvements.

You can view the full grounds plan here. 

Beginning in the 2019 components of the Lighthouse grounds project where incorporated into the Village’s capital budget.  Delays in the project in 2019 and 2020, which were outside the Village’s control,  led to project being approved for construction in 2021.

On April 22, 2021, the Village Board awarded a bid to Workman Enterprises, LLC, in the amount of $74,976.83 for construction of the pathway portion of the project.  The Village will able to utilize $14,847 in grant funding from the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program for the project.  The final cost of pathway is estimated to be $60,102.83.  The original budgeted amount of the project was $100,000. With savings realized from the lower than expected bid, in addition to the grant, the full project will be able to save $39,897.17  from what was originally expected.

The pathway will be constructed of asphalt and will include a 1/4 mile loop on the west side of the Lighthouse Grounds. A detailed copy of pathway plans can be viewed here. 

The construction on the pathway is anticipated to begin around May 17, with final completion scheduled for June 30.

In addition to the pathway, a new entrance sign for the grounds was approved for purchase, the rendering of the sign can be viewed here.