Update: July 1, 2020: 

On June 24 the Building & Zoning Committee and Public Works, Utilities & Environment Committee met to discuss the petition that was received by the Deepwood Preservation Committee, regarding development of the 4403 Main Street property.  At the meeting the Committee provided two recommendations to the Village Board. The first recommendation was to withdraw the request for proposals to redevelop the property. The second is to have the Village examine the probability of developing the property for single family residential development, with an area or areas set aside for conservation.

The Village Board will be reviewing these recommendations at their regular meeting on Thursday, July 9th.

Background Information

4403 Main Street is a 5 acre parcel located on the corner of Main Street and Deepwood Drive. For nearly 50 years the property had a home located on the front portion of the lot.  Over the years the home had deteriorated into a state of disrepair. In December 2016, Racine County officials informed the Village that it was preparing to foreclose on the property due to non-payment of taxes.  After being on listed on the market for several months, in June of 2017 the Village purchased the residential property to control its future use.  Upon inspection of the property, the Village determined that the home was not habitable and was beyond repair. The structure had several openings that could attract animals, and was in a condition that would attract vandals  The home was demolished in October 2018.

In the Spring of 2018 the Village contracted a company to complete a title review and appraisal for the four outlots that comprised the spite strips along Deepwood Drive. The title search revealed that the three outlots on the north side of the property were owned by the Johnson Development Corporation, which is no longer in operation. The remaining outlot on the east was owned by the Wind Meadow’s Corporation. Representatives from the Village met with representatives from the S.C. Johnson Corporation and Wind Meadows Corporation to investigate the possibility of purchasing the outlots that comprised the spite strip.  The goal was to incorporate the area of the outlots into the Deepwood Drive right-of-way. Wind Meadows’ representatives responded that they would not have been able to approve the transfer of land, as it would have required 95% approval of the homeowners within the Wind Meadows.  S.C. Johnson Corporation representatives did not agree to sell, but also did not indicate opposition to a jurisdictional offer.

In June 2018, the Village Board began a jurisdictional offer process (eminent domain) to acquire the strips of land and incorporate these strips into the Deepwood Drive right of way.  Jurisdictional offers for the strips of land were made to the Wind Meadows Corporation ($9,100) and S.C. Johnson Corporation ($5,400)  in December 2019. In February 2019, S.C. Johnson accepted the Village’s jurisdictional offer for the three north strips of land.  The Village withdrew its jurisdictional offer for the east strip of land in February 2019, after a lawsuit was filed by the Wind Meadows Corporation, contesting the taking of the strip.  The lawsuit was dismissed in June 2019.

In the summer of 2019, the Village Board requested that the Plan Commission review possible land use options for the property.  At a meeting on July 31, 2019 the Plan Commission evaluated the pros and cons for the following possible land use designations:  keeping the property zoned as Single-Family Residential R-1; rezoning the property to Single Family Residential R-2/R-3; rezoning to multi-family residential R-4; rezoning the property to park and conservancy; or rezoning the property to business district.  The Plan Commission determined that the best option would be to rezone the parcel to R-4 because that zoning is compatible with the majority of the parcels that surround the property.

In September 2019 the Plan Commission recommended that the Village Board amend the Village’s Comprehensive Plan and rezone the parcel from R-1 Single Family Residential to R-4 Multi-Family Residential. In October 2019, following a public hearing, the Village Board approved the recommended rezoning.  In December 2019, the Village Board directed staff to move forward with marketing the property to potential developers through a request for proposal process.

Additional Information

A full timeline for the property can be viewed here.

Meeting minutes from the Village Board and Plan Commission may be viewed here. 

More detail on the property and answers to questions can be found on the Fact Sheet for 4403 Main Street. 

If you would like to view the presentation slides from the neighborhood meeting held on February 27th please click here. 

Please check back here for more information about the project.  Should you have any questions related to this project please contact Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer Casey Griffiths at 262-639-3524 or c.griffiths@windpoint.org.