With the shorter days this time of year, it is especially important to wear reflective gear or carry a flashlight when you go out for a walk or bicycle ride. As a matter of safety, pedestrians need to be visible to vehicles and to other pedestrians. A variety of clothing items are available with lights or reflective fabric, such as jackets, vests, wristbands, dog collars, shoes and belts. Many stores also carry reflective tape – and pick something up for your dog while you are at it! Wind Point Police officers are also now carrying a supply of extra reflectors to hand out to pedestrians and bicyclists who need them!

If no sidewalks exist on the road, it is recommended to walk facing oncoming traffic on the same side of the road as the oncoming traffic. Also, you should get as far to the side of the road as possible to provide additional space between you and oncoming cars. When bicycling, you will want to ride on the right (going in the same direction as automobile traffic). Another safe way to get your exercise this winter is to take advantage of the paved walking path surrounding Village Green.

Please do your part to protect yourself, drivers and other pedestrians!