On October 11, the Village Board approved a cost-saving measure from Johns Disposal to switch to “on-call bulk collections” in 2019. Instead of Village-wide bulk collections on the first Monday of each month, residents can call Johns Disposal to make an appointment for bulk item pickup. Each property will get one free call-in bulk collection per month and 12 per year.

Village Board members agreed that the change will be more flexible as residents will not need to wait until the beginning of the next month to have bulk items collected. The change also presents a more efficient way to collect bulk items, as it will not require a truck to drive through the whole Village looking for bulk items.

The change to on-call bulk collection will not affect what items are accepted:

  • Bulk collection will still be for the following items: furniture; carpeting (no wider than 4 ft. and rolled); extra garbage bags or garbage in personal cans; large metal items; cardboard (flattened & empty); appliances; tires (2 per home per month – 8 per year); drain oil & antifreeze (sealed in 1-5 gallon containers); paper & other recyclables (should be in clear plastic bags); humidifiers/de-humidifiers; water softeners; and air conditioners.
  • The following items will still NOT be accepted for bulk pickup: yard waste; electronics; hazardous materials; liquid paint and loose bulk construction materials.
Please note that you will need to call to schedule the bulk collection prior to placing the items out by the edge of the road. To schedule a bulk pick-up (starting in 2019), residents can call Johns Disposal at 262-473-4700. A pickup date will be scheduled, usually within the same week. The last village-wide bulk collection date will be Monday, December 3. To download a 2019 garbage and recycling collections calendar, click here .