Thank you to all who submitted feedback on the draft of the Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP) that was linked in last month’s E-News. The Village’s Parks, Recreation & Facilities Committee met on May 14 to review input and discuss revisions to the plan. Several changes were requested by the Committee, which have now been incorporated into a final draft of the plan that is available now on the project webpage.
The CORP document provides an inventory of existing outdoor amenities and identifies opportunities for future improvements. The plan provides a list of recommendations that may be considered by the Village Board at a future time, but the Village is not required to implement any of the recommendations. Each project would need separate consideration by the Village Board through the normal budgeting and bidding processes.
Many of the plan’s recommendations involve enhancements to the Wind Point Lighthouse grounds and the addition of multi-use pathways in the Village. Due to concerns from property owners, the Parks, Recreation & Facilities Committee recommended removing an on-street bicycle path between Shoop Park and The Prairie School from the plan.
Jeffrey Sanders of Community Planning & Consulting will present the final draft to the Village Board at the regular meeting on Thursday, June 14 at 5:30 p.m. at Village Hall (lighthouse). The Board will have an opportunity to adopt the plan at that time. Residents wishing to submit feedback on the final draft may send it to Michael Hawes, Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer at