9/22/17 – Wind Point Water Utility is in the process of completing scheduled hydrant flushing maintenance. Hydrants south of 4 Mile Rd. (except for Beacon Ln., James Ave. and Windridge Dr.) were completed this week. The remaining hydrants on the road sections below are scheduled to be flushed early next week, beginning on Monday, September 25th:
  • Windridge Dr. and Lighthouse Grounds (near bus turnaround)
  • James Ave. (private section)
  • 5118 Hunt Club Rd. and end of Hunt Club (private section)
  • Eifler Ct. and Lake Point Cir.
  • Ravenswood Dr.
  • Jimlin Ln.
  • West Branch Tr. (northern section)
  • Raven Turn, Raven Turn East and Redwing Ln.
  • Beacon Dr.
  • 4061 Main St. (Private)
Hydrant flushing clears sediment from the water distribution line, helps maintain water quality, and verifies proper operation of the hydrants. In some cases, there may be slight discoloration for a few hours. This discoloration only affects the appearance of the water; it does not affect water quality. There is no health hazard associated with discolored water. Avoid washing laundry during scheduled flushing times. Wait until the water runs clear at the tap, then wash a load of dark clothes first. If pressure or volume seems low, check your faucet screens for trapped particles.
If you have any questions, please contact the Wind Point Public Works Department at 262-639-3560.