The 8th annual Ironman Racine Triathlon comes to Racine County this Sunday, July 16. The bicycle portion of the event travels along Wind Point on N. Main St., with the heaviest traffic occurring between 7:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. The run portion of the event enters Wind Point on Three Mile Rd., turns north onto Lighthouse Dr., turns around at Shoop Park and heads back toward Racine. The northbound lane of traffic will be used by the runners and the southbound lane will remain open to traffic. To view the route maps,click here.

As in prior years, Ironman Racine will cause delays and inconveniences for vehicles leaving and entering Wind Point in the morning and early afternoon. Vehicles are able to leave and enter Wind Point at the north end by taking Valley Trail, 4 1/2 Mile Rd., Erie St. and other residential roads leading to 6 Mile Rd. and Highway 32. However, vehicles will still run into the bike route if attempting to go south of 5 Mile Rd.
It is recommended that residents plan ahead for long delays if you are wishing to leave or enter the Village during the event.  If you are traveling north, the route from Valley Trail to 6 Mile Rd. is an option. If you decide to stay home, the Ironman Racine offers a chance to watch and cheer on racers, and to thank them for visiting Racine!