On May 11, the Village Board held its annual organizational meeting. Circuit Court Judge Faye Flancher conducted the oath of the office for the Board members who were elected in April. The Board approved appointments and re-appointments to citizen committees:
  • Plan Commision – Tom Knaus was re-appointed to a three-year term expiring in April 2020. The other Plan Commissioners are James Arens, Karen Jansson, Robert Quam, Jr. (trustee representative), Mark Madsen (engineer) and Susan Sanabria (chairperson). After many years of service on the Plan Commission, Dorothy Bosley recently submitted a letter of resignation resulting in one seat that is currently vacant.
  • Board of Zoning Appeals – Dave Durment was re-appointed to a three-year term expiring in April 2020. Angie Burwell was appointed as a new member, filling a vacant seat expiring in 2018. The other members are Bill Bensman (chairperson), Linda Schubring, Mary Ellen Chovan, Tim McGuire (alternate) and Elizabeth Waterfall (alternate).
  • Architectural Review Board – Dan Wade was appointed as a new member. The other members who were re-appointed to one-year terms are John Murphy, Rob Loppnow, Jim Winsjansen, Charlie Manning and Robert Quam, Jr. (chairperson).
The Village Board also approved standing committee assignments. These are sub-committees of the Village Board. The Sustainability and Forestry Committee was merged with the Public Works Committee to make for a total of six committees. Each Village Board trustee serves as a chairperson of one committee. To view a full list of Committee assignments and other Village contacts, view the updated directory, by clicking here.