Improvements are planned for Village Green park in 2017! Updates to the project will be posted on this webpage.

May 1, 2017
Johnson and Sons Paving is expected to begin park construction this week! They will be completing the demolition, grading, paving and restoration components of the park project. Sections of the park will be closed during construction, which will likely take place most of the month of May. On May 11, the Village Board is expected to review bids for playground equipment, landscaping and fencing. These components of the project will occur after the paving and restoration is complete.

Park Improvements
The following improvements will be included in park renovations: updated playground with modernized, age-specific playground areas; continuous pathway around the perimeter of the park; new park pavilion (see below); reconfigured parking to eliminate extra driveways; new tennis court fencing and replacing one tennis court with a dedicated pickleball court; and updated landscaping with new trees around the tennis courts. The Village will receive alternate bids for installing a fence for a dog exercise area in the southwest area of the park; the Village Board will then have the opportunity to evaluate the cost of the dog park area and determine if this component will move forward in 2017.

Park Pavilion
The Village has hired Glenville Timberwrights of Baraboo to construct and install a 20’x30′ pavilion structure. The structure will be based on a design concept approved by the Architectural Review Board and Village Board in December 2016. The pavilion is expected to be installed during the later phase or after the other improvements.

Project Cost and Funding
The Village budgeted $385,145 for park improvements in 2017 to be funded by tax dollars and reserves.

Project Background
In Fall of 2015, the Village initiated a planning process for future improvements at the park. A public workshop was held on September 16, 2015 at The Prairie School where residents participated in a questionnaire, visual preference survey and discussion session. In October, the Village asked residents for feedback on three preliminary concept plans for the park. On November 30, the Parks & Facilities Committee met to review public comments and to develop one refined concept plan.

On February 11, 2016, the Village Board was presented with a final draft concept plan for the park along with estimated project costs. The Board approved the concept plan, and on March 10, a phasing plan with strategies for lowering project costs was approved.

Project Documents